Chevrolet Camaro SS 1969


Chevrolet Camaro SS 1969


On April 17, 1964, when Ford presented its new Mustang at the New York International Fair, it hit a homerun. Not only did it introduce a new type of car, but the sales success was going to force the competition to act fast. The image of the American car industry was going to change drastically.

At GM, the engineers didn’t waist anytime. A few months after the Mustang, the XP 386 project was launched. Some GM executives did not really believe in the success of the Mustang, which also reflected on the opinion they had for this new project. Watching the Mustangs sell like hot cup cakes, GM had no choice but to join the party. Fortunately, some visionaries at GM, like Henry Haga, were already at work to offer a rival to Ford’s proposal. When the XP 386 project was launched, two sketches were already on the drawing board.

In less than a year, the first sketches were drawn and a few months later, the prototypes were up and running. In March 1966, the racing car was presented to the press for the first time. Everything went so fast, that the name of the car was chosen only a few weeks before production started.

In its first year on the market, the Camaro achieved some strong sales with  250,000 units. The car was well received, which had a beneficial effect on the future. Several versions would multiply over the years. However, the well known Super Sport (SS) version was proposed as early as 1967.

In 1969, Chevrolet slightly revised the design of its Camaro to give it a more muscular body. This is particularly visible on the model that is offered to you, which is equipped with the “Cowl Induction” hood, a 79 dollars option chosen by about 10,000 buyers that year. Under the hood, a 427 cubic inch V8 motor was not even listed for the the SS models, but for those bearing the signature COPO (Central Office Production Order).

You have to remember that, at the time, Chevrolet had its internal rule limiting the size of its engines, up to a maximum of 400 cubic inches, and 396 horsepower. However, by going through Don Yenko’s workshop that grafted them more powerful mechanics, that did not appear in the official list of options, the COPO models becoming highly desirable vehicles. Over time, they have become classics much sought after by amateurs, but also very difficult to find.

The model we are offering is not one of about 1000 COPO variants of the Camaro for 1969, but the upgrade of its engine compartment done by the Quebec firm CCR Technologie based in Delson, which includes the transplant of a 427 cubic inch 1969 V8 engine, developping around 390HP with the headers. You will enjoy a replica envied by a majority. The car also benefits from power steering and brake boosters, two options that were necessary at the time, which also greatly simplifies the driving experience. Renowned restauration shops have also refreshed the cabin to its former glory. The pictures speak for themselves on how immaculate this model is. You won’t find a car identical and as ready to hit the road as this one.  For more information, do not hesitate to contact.

Type Classic cars
Mileage 72061 miles
Engine 427 V8
Year 1969
Color Green
Vin 124379N573544