Chevrolet Corvette 2003

69 995 $ CAN

Chevrolet Corvette 2003

2003 Chevr­olet Corvette Brand new car, never taken the road, never registered, it has been stored in a temperate place since the first day of acquisition.

On January 17th 1953, Chevrolet unveiled an revolutionnary model at Motorama. This event was held by General Motors to showcase the various creations from every brand within GM . The buzz was so big that a multiple block lineup formed outside the expo; everybody wanted to see the new Corvette.

The event was remarkable. At the time, no American manufacturer offered a sports car of this caliber. The only cars available with such a racy design were coming out of Europe. This is why the Corvette’s debut is so important; it changed the way Americans look at cars.

In 1955, Ford launched the Thunderbird which, incidentally, came to save the Corvette. Indeed, with only 700 sales in 1955 (300 in 1953 and 3640 in 1954), GM had thought of pulling the plug. However, the arrival of a competitor would change everything. In short, it’s a bit like we ought the survival of the Corvette to Ford. Generations of the Corvette have succeeded over the years, so that 50 years later, the famous sports car was still in production. The event had to be celebrated on a whole new level and that’s why so much effort was put in developing this special edition.

A heartbreaking choice Originally, Chevrolet had thought of reproducing the 1953 formula : a white body with red interior, the same and only combination offered 50 years prior. This solution was thought to be too simple, so a new burgundy hue was added to the mix, this color being unique to this anniversary edition. The latter is caracterized by an  aluminum oxide grain which is well protected by a specially tinted varnish. The bodywork also carries unique crests that celebrate the golden anniversary of the model. As for the wheels, they have a hue that goes with the paint. Inside, we find an environment that takes a sandy color and is also decorated with logos marking the uniqueness of the model. Even the protective mats are engraved with the 50th anniversary logo.

Mechanically, this Corvette received a 5.7-liter V8 and 350 horsepower. Unlike the regular model, the manual gearbox was an option on this vehicle, an extra that we added when we purchased the model. Yes, this Corvette has been in our hands for 15 years now. Better yet, she has never been registered. This is a new car that we offer. No doubt, a classic that is expected to gain value in a few years. We only turn 50 once!

Type Muscle cars, Sports car
Mileage 00030 km
Engine 5.7L V8
Year 2003
Color Red
Vin 1G1YY32G235118249