Plymouth Cuda 1971

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Plymouth Cuda 1971

1971 Plymouth Cuda :  Complete Nut-N-Bolt Rotisserie Restoration. Match number car.

The late sixties and early seventies were remembered because of their abundance in the auto industry. Everything seemed possible. The bigger the car was, the cooler it was. Cars were getting bigger, engine power was on the rise; there just wasn’t any limits back then. The expression Bigger is Better sums up perfectly the spirit that prevailed in the industry at the time.

However, there was a market for compact sports cars, also known as pony car. The three great American manufacturers each had their version : the Ford Mustang, the Chevrolet Camaro and the Plymouth Barracuda. The Plymouth wasn’t in the game. So, when its manufacturer decided to renew it for 1970, they changed a few things!

In fact, they simplified them. Above all, they opted for a capable chassis to accommodate every engine offered by the company at the time, including the famous 426 cubic inch HEMI V8. The new Barracuda got its wheelbase shortened by 15 centimeters (6 inches), while its width increased. Plymouth gave it everything the car needed to stand out, both on the road and on the acceleration track. In 1971, the Barracuda family had three distinct models: Barracuda, Gran Coupe and Cuda. The latter was popular, but wasn’t chosen by buyers at the time. In fact, the production of ‘Cuda’ versions was very limited at 6228 coupes and only 374 convertible compared to 9459 Barracuda Coupé and 1014 convertibles. The Gran Coupe, offered only as a coupe, was assembled 1615 times.

Interest in the Cuda model has grown over the years. The latter was only offered with V8 engines, which made it more attractive to collectors. Its smaller footprint also adds to its value. This is why you have to be aware of imitations. Several ‘Cuda’ registered nowadays are born with straigh-six engines and Barracuda badges. Our model The ‘Cuda’ that you see here has been part of our collection since September 2017. We bought it at the auction held by the Rive-Sud Collection of Cars Group in Lévis, Quebec. Since its purchase, the engine compartment, which hides a 340-cubic-inch four-barrel V8, has been fully cleaned and it looks great. Also, a tuneup was performed. The differential has also been rebuilt. A four-speed manual gearbox, an option with this V8 at the time, is also included. As for the outside, it is still in great shape, just like when we picked it up at auction. The same goes for the interior, which is in excellent condition.

As for the other options included on this car, there is power steering and brake boosters. Inside, a rally-type instrumentation had been selected, which featured a rev counter with an 8000 rpm limit. Moreover, the standard equipment of the Cuda included a bonnet with air intakes, a grill with two-tone separators (gray and body color), louvers on the rear window, and chromed door sills. As for the condition of the model, the photos speak for themselves. This pearl is ready to roll and turn heads, whether it’s for the road or at vintage car rallies.

Type Classic cars
Mileage 000328 miles
Engine 340 V8
Year 1971
Color Orange
Vin BS23H1B206258